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For my first post, it is only appropriate that you get to know me and understand who I am.

My name is Katie and I am 20 years old.  I grew up in small-town America with my parents and 2 sisters.  I enjoyed a healthy childhood where I participated in after-school clubs and sports.  By high school, my grades were ranked at the top of my class and I excelled in various organizations like debate team and varsity soccer.  I was admitted into a scholarly university and left home. 

I had always felt pressure about my body image, but it was not until college that I became obsessed with keeping my weight down.  I had heard about the “freshmen fifteen” and did not want that to be me.  As school began, I ate less and less.  After one month in school, I LOST fifteen pounds.I didn’t realize it at the time but I was on a slippery slope towards depression and extreme weight loss.

I formed this blog to share my story, so others wouldn't have to go through what happened to me.  Becoming aware about the constant pressure the media puts on individuals to feel beautiful is what helped me become healthy and happy with my self.  I want to spread this awareness to others.  Feel free to ask me questions or contact me whenever you're in need.

Talk to you all soon!

;) Katie


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    About Me!

     Hi everyone! My name is Katie and I want to help YOU in becoming a healthy woman. Three years ago I weighed 91 pounds and believed I was overweight. I became so obsessed with my body image, I was on the brink of death.  Today, I maintain a healthy lifestyle and counsel young women on their eating habits.  This blog will be a diary of my life with stories from the past and present which I hope will touch your life in someway. Thanks for visiting and enjoy the blog! 


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