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Hi everyone! I just received an email from Jenny in Arizona asking me, "When was your first encounter with pressure on your body image?"

I can vividly remember the day I wanted to obtain the perfect body.  It was freshmen year of high school and a few of my girlfriends brought in a magazine full of celebrities and tips to become a sexier woman.  We went through the whole magazine and idiolized over all the women we saw in it. I pictured myself in those advertisments and articles.  Its a scary thought that at my age I wanted to grow up so fast but I wanted to have the perfect body and would do anything to obtain it.   Although I did not change my eating habits right away, this experience in the lunch shaped my high school years into thinking my body image was the most important factor in my life. 

I tell this story now to let you know that young female's mind is very fragile and in that transition from girl to woman, many pereceptions are made.  In my case I was negatively impacted on my perception of reality by a magazine. 

I hope that this post serves my readers well and I look forward to more of your questions. 

;) Katie


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